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Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC)

Wednesday 16 January 2008, by Deepa

Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC) was set up in 1990 by the then Ministry of Urban Development (now Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation) as an apex level inter-Ministerial organisation for promotion, development and large scale dissemination of appropriate, cost-effective, eco-friendly and energy-efficient building materials and technologies. The Council maintains a continuing interaction with industry, concerned associations/federations, industrial promotional agencies financial institutions, construction organisations of public and private sectors, R&D standardisation institutions and NGOs.

Their mission is to develop and operationalize a comprehensive and integrated approach for technology development, transfer and investment promotion to encourage application of environment-friendly & energy-efficient innovative materials, manufacturing technologies and disaster resistant construction practices for housing and buildings in urban and rural areas.

The Council is actively involved in developing bamboo based technologies and is currently working under the umbrella of the National Mission on Bamboo Applications, to promote these in the North-Eastern Region by encouraging commercial production of bamboo based products.

BMTPC brought out about 75 publications, which include 21 video films, 26 priced books/manuals/directories and 28 brochures, pamphlets, booklets, etc.

The council organises several workshops and training and capacity building programmes at national, regional and international levels to promote the use of cost-effective building material and disaster resistant building technologies.

View online : BMTPC Website